Supporting you from preconception to pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

I work with people who want something different. I respect your decision to expand your family later in life on your terms. Together, we take a holistic and mindful approach to conception and pregnancy.

So, I partner with you to create a lifestyle of wellness and explore all the options (even the ones you didn;t know you had) to support advanced maternal age or getting pregnant later in life. (or after 35.)

But you want to know my story.

I wasn’t born into this… it was a calling.I’m a girl from a small rural town. Like SMALL, small with big dreams. College was my way out. I was a first-gen college student and had no idea what was available to me. While in college, I made decision without being informed of all my options. Not only was I not provided with the right information, but important information was withheld from me, and I had no additional source of support. Making decisions without the right information and support can and will change the trajectory of your life, as it did for me. You deserve access to accurate information and alternative resources that are available to you so you can make an informed decision about your health. One that is best for you and your future family.


My niece was just a few short days away from her due date. I noticed that she was showing signs of Preeclampsia for over a week, but the doctor said the swelling was normal. She went again the following week, and they flagged her high risk. I’m sure you know what they did next. Yep. She was emergently admitted and scheduled for induction.

Hours later, her beautiful baby boy was born prematurely at 34 weeks, and transported to the NICU for further monitoring. His bloodstream was full of magnesium and he was barely alert. My niece began to lose consciousness, and I noticed that she looked a bit out of it. She eventually lost her reflexes, suddenly went limp, and became unresponsive. I demanded that the nurses call the doctors and draw blood. But instead they said my niece was fine, sleepy and didn’t want to get up. Their words, not mine.

For six hours (yes, SIX!), I asked doctors and nurses to draw my niece’s blood and monitor her to no avail.

It was clearly an emergency and we were being ignored. I asked myself, “Is this happening? Are they listening to me?” I felt hopeless. I refused to watch my niece die right in front of my eyes.

I finally pulled the “I’m a nurse card” to get the nurses to listen to me. which of course they didn’t believe at first. The nurse had the audacity to say “We’re gonna to draw blood from you because your family thinks something’s wrong with you.” Their blatant implicit bias was showing big time.

The lab results showed her magnesium level was 9.4–normal is 1.5 to 2.5. My niece literally almost went into cardiac arrest from a toxic level of magnesium in her body. She could have died! My background experience and nursing knowledge saved her life! Thank God.

You hear all the stories and see the headlines, but when it happens to you, it’s different.

I’m now dedicated to working with people who want to feel safe, seen, supported, and heard. Together we create a lifestyle of wellness so you can have a happier, healthier birth experience.

When I’m not knee-deep in birth work, here’s what I’m usually doing:

Trying to find my next travel destination post-pandemic

Random dare devil activities (like skydiving, ziplining, or ATVing)

Listening to old school music, singing my heart out, and dancing like nobody’s watching

Spending hours in history museums

Searching for the next farmer's market or co-op


by using my education, knowledge, and past experiences to help you change the trajectory of your life through holistic living.